As the volume and complexity of worldwide fraud activity grows, it is vital for you to have tools in place to manage the risks associated with paper and electronic financial activity. Monitoring your accounts online is a great first step, but you can do even more. Infinity Bank can tailor a solution that is right for your business.

Positive Pay

Protect your business against loss due to altered or counterfeit check fraud. Positive Pay service examines key fields of the check when it is presented against a previously authorized list of issued checks provided by you. Checks presented that do not match trigger an exception. Infinity Bank offers more advanced fraud protection - “Payee Positive Pay." By reviewing an image of the item, you can quickly and easily determine whether to pay or return the exception check via online banking.

Positive Pay is also available to manage the risk of unauthorized ACH transactions and is commonly known as ACH Positive Pay. Each ACH transaction presented is matched against a list of authorized originating companies. All irregularities trigger exceptions providing you an opportunity to pay or return the item.

ACH Block and Filters
  • Safeguard your assets by automatically blocking or filtering out unauthorized ACH transactions. ACH blocks or filters provide an added layer of security. Block all debits presented by a specific company.
  • Establish a filter to allow only pre-authorized companies to pay and to cause all others to trigger an exception to be either returned to the originator as unauthorized, or reviewed and paid

Reach out to us today to learn more about this helpful service and other fraud monitoring solutions.