At Infinity Bank, providing you with the most convenient banking experience possible is of utmost importance to us. Here are some of the additional services we offer.


Armored Car and Cash Vault Service

If your business is cash intensive and requires continuous inventory of coin and currency or deposits of cash, Infinity Bank’s armored car service and cash vault services are safe solutions for the transport and handling of your transactions. Whether you use large amounts of cash at one or multiple locations, these services ensure safe, secure, and prompt handling for all your cash needs.

Automatic Loan Payment

Set up a recurring payment to your loan with Infinity Bank. Eliminate paper processing, postage expense, and never miss a payment due date. 

Courier Service

Courier services can assist you with the pickup and delivery of your check deposits to the Bank for same-day, or next day processing. You have full control over your pickup times and peace of mind knowing that your deposits are protected. 

Electronic Statements & Images

Paperless statements and images are readily accessible on the first day after the statement cycle.  Easy access and download capability simplifies recordkeeping and provides a great way to keep account data at your fingertips.

Night Drop

Night drop service will give your business the security and convenience of making deposits after banking hours. Instead of holding the funds overnight or over the weekend, secure your funds in the Bank’s depository vault for immediate processing on the next business day.

Overdraft Protection

Having overdraft services is the best way to avoid being overdrawn or having transactions declined. We offer overdraft protection solutions to meet your needs (subject to credit approval).

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